10 Books in 10 Days?

Here at my sister’s cottage. Holiday time? Not for me. Just a change of scenery. When I look up from my computer today I can see trees instead of the neighbour’s brick wall – the view from my office at home in Toronto. My plan is to read a book a day (along with organize my receipts, sort through my files on the computer, finish up 2 client websites, and do some online research, blahblahblah…!)

My mom says there is no way I am going to read 10 books in 10 days. And we know how we are when we are told by a parent that we can’t do something! The lingering 4 yr old in us gets defiant. Thanks Mom. Now I have some cheeky energy in me and I am going to prove you wrong!

Here’s the list:
“Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit” by Tom Rand (already started on that one)
“Contemporary African Art Since 1980” by Enwezor Okeke-Agulu (started on that one too and saw Okeke-Agulu lecture on this, so I kinda did the Coles note version in person, right?)
“Afro-Modern: Journey Through the Black Atlantic” Edited by Tanya Barson & Peter Gorschluter
“A Critical and Cultural Theory Reader” Edited by Antony Easthope & Kate McGowan
(oh boy, this one is a tough read, tried a few times, must do it with a coffee in hand)
“Theory of the Avant-Garde” Peter Burger (another oh boy…)
“Post-modernism and Popular Culture” Angela McRobbie
“Seeing the Unspeakable: The Art of Kara Walker” Gwendolyn Dubois Shaw
“Believing is Seeing: Creating the Cultural of Art” Mary Anne Staniszewski
“Beirut 39: New Writing from the Arab World” Edited by Samuel Shimon
“The Book of Secrets” M. G. Vassanji
“On Photography” Susan Sontag
“Sammy and Rosie Get Laid” Hanif Kureishi (read when it came out, but think it is time for a re-read)
“Conversations with Tariq Ali: Speaking of Empire and Resistance” Tariq Ali
“India: A Million Mutinies Now” V.S. Naipul
(read and re-read now reading again)
“The Triumph of Narrative: Storytelling in the Age of Mass Culture” by Robert Fulford

Ok, so apparently I can read by I cannot count! There are actually 15 books in the photograph and two are missing – Hanan Al-Shayk’s “Beirut Blues” (which I decided not to count as I am almost done. Thought I could finish on the way up but it was too hot in the car to bother, Hanan’s writing deserves my utmost attention) and “Post-Modernism for Beginners”. I brought this one along more as a reference rather than a read because with Post-Modernism, no matter how much I study critical theory and read all the texts by intense French intellectuals, I always feel like a beginner!

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