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Angel in Montreal.

These photographs were taken at November 2009 at the Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal. It was an exquisite, crisp, fall day – the perfect weather for wandering around in a graveyard and not getting freaked out. Even the spirits were in high spirits.

I loved how the headstones changed depending on which ethnic area you were meandering through. The Italians were dramatic, the English no nonsense. I ran out of time to further explore the Polish and Jewish areas – next visit.

Has anyone given any thought to what their headstone would look like? I had planned to have my ashes scattered but a collection of angels guarding me for eternity doesn’t seem like such a bad idea right now.


Angel in Montreal.

Angel in Montreal.

And for a little dark humour, I hope Signore Anthony F. didn’t die back in 1977 of lung cancer. Ah, the 70s. It certainly was a different era and putting this picture on a headstone pretty much sums up what it was all about.

Angel in Montreal.

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