As the heat rose this past week, despite of how uncomfortable it got, I had access to water, a fan, and shade from a tree. The crisis in the continent of Africa, with a drought that shows no respite, is too painful to comprehend. When we idle our cars, choose to use the drive-through rather than park, get out and go in, or leave the doors in air-conditioned stores open to the street, we add to the problem of global warming and we encourage the suffering of others. Time’s running out.

Cheb Mami and Canada’s own Corneille reworking Stevie Wonder’s ‘Master Blaster’.

You may recognize Cheb Mami’s voice from his duet with Sting on ‘Desert Rose’. Corneille is probably best known in Anglophone Canada for his songs like ‘Too Much of Everything’ and ‘Back to Life’, a song written for his Canadian wife who encouraged him to work through the pain of losing his parents to the genocide in Rwanda. He is a stunning testament to the human spirit and an incredible talent.