Leah Snyder at the Louvre, Paris.
C’est moi @ le musée du Louvre

To simplify things here is my sum up of all 3 of my posts on “NEW FORCES IN FRENCH DESIGN” with easy-to-get-to links.

PT 3: Didier Faustino – French / Portuguese Architect, Designer, Artist & Provocateur

Didier’s firm, if one is to speak to the critics of his ethos of architecture, is aptly labeled Mésarchitecture. Mésarchitecture is defined by Didier as “an unexpected and usually undesirable event” but when I witnessed the slides of his work undesirable was not the adjective that came to mind. Confrontational and challenging yes, but aesthetically the effect was more than desirable. True to the “unexpected” part of the definition, Didier’s work is strikingly beautiful in such a way that is unusual and unpredicted.  Read more…

PT 2: Jakob + MacFarlane – Parisian Architecture Firm of Dominique Jakob and Brendan MacFarlane

I could have listened to Brendan MacFarlane of Parisian architectural firm Jakob + MacFarlane long past the last wrap up question. I geek out and move to the edge of my seat anytime an architect (or designer, artist, producer, engineer, scientist) says these words – “the constraints of the project were this therefore the solution had to be that” then they point towards their power point presentation and an image of their pièce de résistance. The real charm and challenge of any project are the obstacles that can present insurmountable barriers. But it is these barriers that push the players to storm the barricades and innovate so as to overcome.

That’s the alchemy. That is where the magic moment occurs.  Read more…
PT 1: Cedric Morrisset – French Design Journalist

Cédric gave an interesting overview of the current trend towards embracing homegrown designers of furniture and ‘objets’ in France. He reports that currently France is the fastest growing market for design in Europe. Cédric goes on to say that in the last ten years there has been a spirit of entrepreneurialism in the country that did not exist before and with this new desire to innovate, emerging French designers, along with the companies distributing their designs, are getting talked about on the international design circuit. Read more…


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