ESMERALDA ENRIQUE & CITY DANCE CORPS: Another Great Start & Finish @ DanceWeekend ‘12

Dance informed from Azerbaijan to Atwood…

Today was the first chance I have had to see Flamenco live since trying my hand (feet) at this strong, vibrant form of dance and it was a delight to be able to follow along more than just emotionally but technically as well.

Today’s Dance Weekend ’12 began with ESMERALDA ENRIQUE and I am convinced that dancing Flamenco makes one secrete the elixir of the fountain of youth. In a world where young lovelies bop around like Beyonce and lack the life experience to dance such an intense dance, Esmeralda is a beauty without age. Gorgeous!

There were some high times to kick up the mid section of the program with an outrageous performance by COBA followed by another strong set by BALLET CREOLE.

And if today’s motif was anything it was Afro / Latin beats. The music today was splendid. I was in heaven, truly, from the thick beat of djembe drums to the melancholy cries of the Flamenco vocals flowing like hot, steamy tears accumulated from love lost.

The finale was CITY DANCE CORPS, with the assistance of the 10-piece band CONJUNO LACALU, taking the audience on a trip back to the days when New York started to open up and integrate in the night clubs. At these places, music and dance were how people from different backgrounds found a common language. It was fitting that the dancers swinging around the stage to Puerto Rican beats where not just Latino but displayed the ethnic diversity that Toronto has now become. This weekend showed the interest we all share in exploring the cultural backgrounds that are making this city into one that is multi-dimensional and spicy!