Oh, the New Year. Such an obtuse time.
It is the time when guilt bubbles to the surface.
Another year past, another one yet to waste?
No way José we all say
& get down to the business of making, then breaking, resolutions.
Some more guilt. Another year.

But life doesn’t get lived to the fullest following the orders mandated by our to-do list.
Life gets lived best in that day we just come, prepared or un, as it matters none.


One day
One day I waited for myself
I said to myself Guillaume it’s time you came
So I could know just who I am
I who know others

Un jour
Un jour je m’attendais moi-même
Je me disais Guillaume il est temps que tu viennes
Pour que je sache enfin celui-là que je suis
Moi qui connais les autres

Poem by Surrealist Poet Guillaume Apollinaire