CINEFRANCO: Halal Police D’Etat 2011 & Venus Noire 2012

Halal Police D’Etat / Halal Five-O by Rachid Dhibou

The Comedy & The Tragedy of Life

Running from March 23 – April 1 this year Cinéfranco will be celebrating its 15th year. The Full Festival Schedule will be available on March 1st but as a preview for what is to come Cinéfranco offered a screening of a very important documentary this past Saturday for Black History Month. The film, by director Abdellatif Kechiche, is about a dim era in European history with Colonialism casting its inhumane shadow.  It is due time to shed an inquisitory light on this regrettable yet true story…

“…Saartjes Baartman, a Black domestic who, in 1808, left Southern Africa, then ruled by Dutch settlers, for Europe, following her boss Hendrick Ceasar, hoping to find fame and forthune there. Once in London, her master turned manager does nothing but exhibit her as a freak in a phony and humiliating carnival show.”

With its provocative choice in programming, Cinéfranco demonstrates that both comedic and dramatic genres can be instrumental to exposing us to new and often challenging perspectives.

Looking forward to seeing this year’s selections!

Venus Noire / Black Venus by Abdellatif Kechiche.