SLOWING IT DOWN OR SPEEDING IT UP? Contemplating Fashion Week in Toronto

Collection by Pavoni

Sign of the Times

So far 2012 has been full of amazing events, shows, festivals, people, places…! I haven’t stopped and gotten off the ride though, so sadly as Fashion Week began in Toronto I felt burnt out I decided it was time to take a break.

But yesterday as I was walking in the vicinity of the catwalk tent at David Pecaut square I was wondering if I made the right decision. If you read the lineup list the names reflect the cultural shift with regards to increasing ethnic diversity in urban Canada. I am really interested in exploring how this impacts the current and future Canadian fashion scene.

I was caught in a thought stream about all this while walking up to grab my morning coffee. As I was contemplating and considering checking out Rad Hourani’s show I realized the exiting person I was holding the door for as I entered was Rad.

I am going to pay attention to the hard-to-miss signs and head on over today.

Canadian Designer Rad Hourani
Canadian Designer Rad Hourani


Adrian Wu

Arthur Mendonça

Golnaz Ashtiani

Cara Cheung

Eva Chen

Joeffer Caoc

Laura Siegel

Martin Lim

Lucian Matis

Mélissa Nepton


Saniya Khan

Collection by Laura Siegel