Portrait of Kara Springer by Leah Snyder.

My portrait of Kara.

As the designer behind the Kaya Birthing Stool, Kara was part of a panel discussion on exploring culture, hybridity and personal identity in design (Wedge Curatorial). This event was in conjunction with American designer Stephen Burks’ Man Made Exhibit at Toronto’s Design Exchange. When Kara started speaking the obsessive note taker in me put down my pen because the way Kara phrased things was too beautiful to risk distraction.

My opener upon introducing myself to Kara was ‘your words are like butter to my ears.”  Smooth, creamy, and rich is the way Kara articulates how she sees the world.

Since then Kara and I have had the bliss of totally losing track of time talking about the process of design, cultural hybridity, identity politics and new media. I eagerly await our next chat!

Why this object?

Not a collector of possessions for the sake of materialism, Kara believes that beauty is in the utility of a design.

“This object is inspiring / precious to me because it is about how simple it is in design. Unendingly useful for me, this container holds my shea butter. I have always been interested in form condensed down to its purest shape and this object is the perfect sphere.”

Portrait of Kara Springer by Leah Snyder.