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Celebrating New Culture for a New World

In July 2012 I launched MIXED BAG MAG a blog (soon to become an online magazine) focusing on the transformative power of Culture.

My desire with this project is to explore how diversity in all forms, in the context of urban environments, has dramatically impacted design, the arts and community based initiatives.  Featuring Toronto as a model city for the 21st Century MIXED BAG MAG showcases artists, designers and social innovators as well as tricksters, storytellers, and community activists from around the globe.

The goal is to curate content for 21st Century Minds. My audience of change agents and cultural provocateurs are the type of people who recognize that as we layer and blend our diverse narratives we build bridges that close ideological gaps.

This is where you will be able to find more of what inspires me… | twitter @mixedbagmag | facebook /mixedbagmag

Mosaic, in vibrant colour, of many different people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds outside enjoying summer in the city and festivals