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Celebrating New Culture for a New World In July 2012 I launched MIXED BAG MAG a blog (soon to become an online magazine) focusing on the transformative power of Culture. My desire with this project is to explore how diversity in all forms, in the context of urban environments, has dramatically impacted design, the arts [...]

NOUVELLE VAGUE: Finding the Humour in a new wave of French Designers

Retroviseur Domestique by Ionna Vautrin. Image courtesy Nouvelle Vague.  Reposted from my article on Mixed Bag Mag, December 22 Humour, like most of our tastes and predilections, may be influenced by our culture but that doesn’t mean that if we are the outsiders we can’t be let in on the joke. After coming to Toronto in the fall [...]

MIXING IT UP: On-the-Street Style Summer 2012

I love Mashup Style! As a child I got visually hooked by some of James Bond’s leading ladies who I witnessed demonstrating fabulous syncretic style in entertainment magazines. Now I gravitate towards diaphanous kaftans, shawls twisted this way and that, and pasha pants. I feel my feet look best bare accessorized with ankle bracelets or [...]

THE NEW MEDIA IS THE MESSAGE: Freedom in Syria, Down with Assad

In the 21st Century the Revolution will always be Digitized. The tables are turning on Big Brother and new media is smoking the foxes out of their holes. The images here are from a demonstration that took place in Toronto on Saturday, July 7. Syrian-Canadian families gathered to denounce the Syrian dictator Assad and the [...]


Looking for other dreamers to come along… Yesterday I launched a campaign on indiegogo.com. For those of you who may not know what indiegogo is, it is a website that allows for creative types to campaign for their dreams and raise the financing for their projects through micro-donations. It is a great idea and I [...]

IT’S MY BODY POLITIC: Slutwalk Toronto 2012

Written on the skin Whether it’s a government telling us to take the veil off (they say, “it indicates you are oppressed”) or the police saying you should have put something on (they say,  “it indicates you are a slut”) all we are saying is that we want to make our own choices as to [...]

JANE’S WALK: The Die is Cast

Sculptures around Leaside and Mount Pleasant Cemetery taken during Jane’s Walks Toronto 2012. Why is that statues cast in bronze have more life than some of the people beside me on the TTC? All photography by Leah Snyder. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about [...]


Sentimentality seeps through. The work of artist Ian McMurrich was on my wishlist from the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit 2011 (TOAE). We got to talking about how if he ever needed models for his work I would sit for him. If you know me then you probably know how much the voyeuristic photographer in me [...]

JANE SAYS: Toronto’s weekend of Jane’s Walks

From Sao Paulo to Tel Aviv millions of footsteps follow the path of Jane Jacobs spirit of urbanism based in knowing, exploring and protecting the neighbourhoods we live in. “No one can find what will work for our cities by looking at … suburban garden cities, manipulating scale models, or inventing dream cities. You’ve got [...]

GREEN LIVING: My Best in Show Top 5!

Better late than never – Thinking Green at the Direct Energy Centre, Toronto. This post was a little slow in coming (it’s been a busy month!) but I didn’t want to entirely miss the shout outs to the people I met and what I loved at the Green Living Show held two weeks ago. This [...]